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Do Lucknow call girls have oral sex ?

Oral sex, why not? So begins one of the richest days of good sex. So, how to succeed with oral sex? For starters, CGL Escorts already has it in mind that succeeding in sex is something that can be quite simple. It is possible to give and receive all the pleasure when done the right way. Although “right” also depends on each person’s taste and Lucknow call girls.

A good oral sex, when well executed, can be considered an art. And the performer can feel proud to see his partner overflowing with satisfaction from such a pleasurable moment.

For men, oral sex resembles sex. However, it can be a very different experience from a good penetration. For them, it is a time to relax, to receive attention and to enjoy every second. Take advantage of both the sensation of receiving and visually enjoying what is happening in front of them. 

The visual element of seeing the penis going in and out of a mouth is capable of driving any man crazy. So imagine when it’s something really well done and unforgettable.

How to succeed in oral sex and make yours the best of all

Before any advice, be encouraged! Oral sex starts with desire. A woman with desire and willing to give everything knows that nothing is more attractive than a horny look. A gaze that penetrates, a few surprising flickers that announce that surprises may come. callgirlfriendship in Lucknow

Eye contact is one of the keys to make your partner feel so turned on that they can only wait for what is about to happen. The act of blinking looking directly into the eyes and then directly at the penis. A few intervals between blinks, watching each reaction. 

The trick of the hands by Call Girls In Lucknow

The term is oral sex. The totality of the play, however, makes the difference. In this case, it’s not just the mouth that will do the job. The hands and mouth make a great partnership. While the mouth literally sucks and provides lubrication and moisture, the hands give more firmness to perform all the movements. 

The use of the hands is a trick that helps mainly in moments where the jaw starts to get tired. A pause for the hand to come into action and not lose the thread of that moment. In addition, the hands can be the key to hold the balls of the partner, making movements that they always appreciate. 

Soft and gentle tongue of Escorts In Lucknow

It’s a strange thing to think that the tongue can be so important to the success of oral sex. However, a hard tongue can take away pleasure from both men and women.  

So, if that critical part of the mouth is so important, it’s best to leave it relaxed and smooth as it moves up and down. Especially when performing oral sex on a penis. In which the “head” called frenulum has many nerve endings that drive your partner crazy. 

And now all you have to do is let yourself go and play! You can try using the lower part of the tongue doing some different movements, maybe this is the best tip to drive anyone crazy. 


Applying fish lips

Fish lips, round shape. It seems that some people exaggerate, but they are quite right. “Fish face” to swallow the penis. Always with distant teeth so as not to hurt, or with specific movements so as not to lose any sensation. 

This intention with the lips makes them lighter, which makes them feel more wet and creates an ideal suction.

Deep throat to succeed with oral sex

This is a matter of taste and technique. Not all people like deep throat. This is understandable.  It is a skill considered advanced because it possibly chokes, which is considered the best of the options when it comes to sex. 

Deep throat, where the member is taken all the way down the throat, is definitely an advanced skill. For one reason: choking or gagging possibilities.

For people who are able to train, the result is much more than satisfactory. Some people have a gagging or choking reflex more easily than others. But an important tip: only practice if you know how to control your breathing. The result? More than wonderful sex and a good way to succeed with oral sex. 

Saliva, saliva, of course

It’s like penetrative sex: the wetter, the better. 

Of course, they are all different. However, those who receive oral sex usually prefer the area wetter. Some even ask for it to happen.  

In this case there is an important tip. One trick is to always keep a glass of water nearby to prevent the mouth from drying out.

Enjoying the moment to succeed with oral sex with Lucknow Escort Service Girls

Showing that you are enjoying the moment is also quite important. Not everyday you want to give oral sex to your partner. But, it’s always good to not let too much time pass. After all, sex should explore all possible forms of pleasure.

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