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Is it possible to have sex during the period?

Having sex during the period is taboo in almost all cultures. However, this does not mean that it is forbidden to have sex. There are all kinds of claims, from those who condemn sex for being unhygienic to people who say that this should be a time of rest for women. Some people feel uncomfortable, others believe that having sex under the shower, besides being sexy, can help to have sex without problems. 

However, sex during the period is a topic that is often controversial. The truth is that, in any case or decision, a woman has to feel safe and comfortable to have sex at that time. Alambagh Escorts In Lucknow, Gomti Nagar Call Girls In Lucknow, Escorts in Lucknow, Call Girl In Lucknow.

As it is a topic that remains for many years in a woman’s life, a challenge, it becomes very necessary to clarify some important points to remove the reproduction of common sense in a topic of extreme importance in the relationship between two people.

What care should be taken? Is there an increase in libido while a woman is in the phase of her cycle? These are some questions that are always among the doubts of both women and men who are curious, interested or concerned with the subject. 

Cgl Escorts brings the answer to some questions and talks about some health care that should be considered so that you can have sex during your period.

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The libido

Can it be said that all women feel like having sex during their period? The answer is simple: it varies from woman to woman at this stage. Well, and always…

Many women tell stories that there is a more predominant feeling of fun at this stage, even the escorts in Lucknow.

The alterations of hormones in the woman’s organism help that there are these oscillations. This makes that each one can have a different answer to the sexual desires. 

There are people who sometimes use the period itself as an excuse not to have sex. This is when you know if a man is curious. Or maybe it is time to see the quality of the couple’s sexual relationship.

Is sex during the unhygienic period?

Even today it is common for women to treat their periods as a problem when having sex. It is really hard to know what the other person thinks when it comes to there being, literally, blood in the middle.

This is because the presence of blood suggests dirt and can cause moments of tension for those who do not have that habit. Although it seems that women in general have more trouble accepting that they are with the rule and end up thinking that men think the same.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! You have to think of blood as any other body fluid, like the secretion from your vagina, for example. Also, women who tend to have less lubrication are grateful that everything will flow more easily.

You have to talk openly. For women, it’s a relief to think that periods are a problem. For men, perhaps having that new experience can be a novel and pleasant surprise. You can always choose the days with less blood flow or have a hot moment in the shower. Look for the best escorts in Lucknow.

Is there a danger of contracting diseases by having sex during the period?

Yes, even though it is the rule, the recommendation remains the same, i.e. always have protected sex. Besides increasing the chances of getting infections, you can also get some diseases more easily during the period. This is because blood is also a way of spreading, which does not change the responsibility of having protected sex. 

Is pregnancy possible?

Every woman is different. Each cycle represents a different variation of hormones, so it’s a bit of a difficult question to answer.  

In theory it should be impossible. Studies are now revealing that there are specific cases where women can become pregnant. Sex during the period greatly reduces the likelihood, although each woman’s cycle must be taken into account. The truth is that women with irregular cycles should be more careful. This does not mean 100% that they will get pregnant and much less that they should not have sex during the period.

Sex during the period has a liberating point. The physical conditions, the libido, more natural lubrication and ease in having other sexual positions once the whole set plays in a positive way so that everything goes well. This subject has to be treated naturally and perhaps as an experience of something else that can provide much more pleasure.

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